7th International Conference on Nonlinear Economic Dynamics.

  NED11 will be the 7th edition of a conference series devoted to economics dynamics. Previous conferences where held in Odense, (2002, 2003), Tokyo (2004), Urbino (2005), Bielefeld (2007) and Jönköping (2009).

The conference is planned to be held on 1, 2 and 3 of June (2011), in Cartagena. It will be organized by the group of dynamical systems of Murcia and the departments of Applied Mathematics and Statistics and of Quantitative Methods of Technical University of Cartagena and the Department of Quantitative Applied Economics of UNED. This Conference is specially dedicated to Professor Tönu Puu, who helped to develop the economics dynamics section of Murcia dynamical systems group and the department of Quantitative Methods of the Technical University of Cartagena.


Group of Dynamical System

Technical University of Cartagena

Excmo. Ayto. de Cartagena



Ministerio de Ciencia e innovación
(Ministry of Science and Innovation)

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