Financial Support:

A proposal was submitted for funds to partially support participants from developing countries. While the exact funds are not known at the moment, we expect to have a few grants available.

If you need a financial support please inform the organizers as soon as possible, including in your e-mail at least the following information:

  1. Current status (student, post-doc, assistant professor, etc.)
  2. Is talk related to your PhD thesis? Where are these results published (if applicable)?
  3. Who is your supervisor (in the case of students).
  4. What founds do you have available and what support do you expect (see 3 categories below).

Preference will be given to graduate students and young researchers. People from outside EU and associated countries (especially, people from former Soviet republics) will be supported before others.

Grants will be awarded in the following order of support requested (depending on availability):

  1. Cover of conference fee only (travel and accommodation covered from elsewhere)
  2. Cover of conference fee and partial support on accommodation (part of accommodation covered by the participant)
  3. Full coverage of local expenses (hotel and fee)

Take into account that if we cover accommodation, it will be in double or triple room.