The participants will be accommodated in the Sol Gal˙a Hotel****.

We booked at Sol Gal˙a Hotel a block of rooms at a special price, including full board (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Hotel price for Participants:

Days Single Room + Full board Double Room ( price for each person) + Full board
1 day 105 EUR 71 EUR
2 days 210 EUR 142 EUR
3 days 315 EUR 213 EUR
4 days 420 EUR 284 EUR
5 days 525 EUR 355 EUR
6 days (whole conference) 630 EUR 426 EUR

If you want to extend your stay before or after the conference contact the organizers by e-mail. We will also help you to find second person for double room, if you don't have any preference and need our help.